[FR11 Engine] How to only recognize specified region of a document?


I've been asked to evaulate the FR11 Engine if it will work with our requirements? Now I need to know if it possible to only recognize a specific region of a PDF document? I have the coordinates for the region.

Someone has asked a similar question at, but that applies for images and c#. I need to know if it works with PDF documents as well and for C++.

My attempts to port the answer to C++ for the above question has failed so possible solutions are welcomed. I have tried to incorporate the changes in the Hello sample provided with FR11 Enginge.

TIA Johan

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    Natalia Karaseva

    Hi Johan,

    Hope the code snippet below will help you.

    C++ sample:

    // Add image file to document
    frDocument->AddImageFile( imagePath, 0, 0 );
    // Remove all the blocks from the collection
    FREngine::IFRPagesPtr frPages;
    frDocument->get_Pages( &frPages );
    // Select the first page of your input pdf document
    FREngine::IFRPagePtr frPage = frPages->Item( 0 ); 
    FREngine::ILayoutPtr layout;
    frPage->get_Layout( &layout );
    FREngine::ILayoutBlocksPtr  blocks;
    layout->get_Blocks( &blocks );
    // Create region and specify its coordinates
    FREngine::IRegionPtr region = Engine->CreateRegion();
    region->AddRect( Left, Top, Right, Bottom );
    // Add blocks of required type to the layout
    FREngine::IBlockPtr block = blocks->AddNew( FREngine::BT_Text, region, 0 );
    // Set the required parameters of the block
    FREngine::IRecognizerParamsPtr recognizerParams = Engine->CreateRecognizerParams();
    recognizerParams->SetPredefinedTextLanguage( L"English" );
    FREngine::ITextBlockPtr textBlock = block->GetAsTextBlock();
    textBlock->put_RecognizerParams( recognizerParams );
    //Recognize document
    frDocument->Recognize( 0, 0 );

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