Mobile OCR SDK for Android and iOS ( Features Confirmation)

Hi, We are in need of a ocr sdk which can help in capturing various types business card and convert data in a proper format like XML, Text, CSV, json(will be preferred). I have seen at your website that you support both cloud based ocr sdk and local mobile based ocr sdk. Please, respond us as early as possible regarding the below parameters. We would also like to see a demo if have for the business card reader.

  1. How accurate it can produce the result from the card and based on parameters, like if we take 100 images, how many will be giving accurate results.

  2. What is the output format?

  3. Do you have support or forum for solving problem in app development?

  4. What is the pricing details if we want to use only business card reader functionality for Android and iOS. I want to know this in terms of both cloud based ocr sdk as well as local on device (ocr sdk).



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    Julia Anikushina

    You can find a lot of detailed information about Mobile OCR Engine here and about Cloud OCR SDK here. There you will find technical specifications and a link where you can get a trial.

    Also we recommend you to refer to this link. There you will find a feature and usage scenario comparison between ABBYY's Cloud OCR Service and the Mobile OCR Engine.


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