OCR quality: grayscale VS color


I'm wondering if there is some difference between scanning documents (invoices in my case) to a grayscale or color at the same dpi?

Let`s assume that I scan the same invoice to 300 dpi grayscale and to 300 dpi color PNG. For the ABBYY cloud OCR - there is some difference or not?

Do ABBYY analyze the "colors" or simply converts color images to grayscale? Do the 300 dpi color will produce the better results that 300 dpi grayscale?

For me it is a "practical" question, because the color scanning produce bigger files and is more time consuming operation.

Many thanks, Vitalie

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    Oksana Serdyuk

    ABBYY Technologies use color information for detecting areas and objects on the image. So, if complex layouts have to be processed, it is recommend to use color or at least, grayscale images. The character recognition is always executed on a bitonal image that contains only black & white. Also please review our document scanning tips.

    In the most cases, using the grayscale mode during document scanning is the most optimal to achieve the best recognition and time-consuming results.

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    Thanks a lot, Oksana. Now I know how to optimize my process.


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