How to config the verification and processing station

Hello Everybody

We are working in a project with FlexiCapture Engine 10.5 and we want basically do the same process that FC does, but as Network configuration, my questions are the following:

  • In my server is loaded the Engine and the Visual Componets, we have an admin user that creates the batches and sends the batches to recognize, but we don't want to use only the Cores and Ram of the server, also we want to deploy into our network that has around 40Pcs, how can I do this? We want to procces around 3 millions of docs by month.

  • As in the first questions, this will require operators of verification, how can I set up the connection among the Verification Stations and the server? also how do i know that the server will distribute the batches to all stations??

Many thanks for your help

My best regards

Franco Padilla



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    Lilya Chesnova

    Hello Franco!

    We have already answer on this your issue by e-mail. In case you have any additional questions, please send them in the answer on the letter by e-mail.

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