How to know which parameters a default profile has? Answered

We are using default profiles to work with abbyy finereader engine 11, especially the 'TextExtraction_Accuracy'-Profile.

Now i would like to create my own custome-profile which contains almost the same settings like the TextExtraction_Accuracy-Profile has, only without the orientation-detection.

Please tell how to find the settings of the predefined profiles.

Thanks and best regards, D.Pfizenmaier




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    Oksana Serdyuk

    You can use one of the following ways:

    1) Use the TextExtraction_Accuracy predefined profile as you are used, but re-specify the needed properties after you have called the LoadPredefinedProfile method in your code.

    2) You can create your own profile file. The syntax of a profile file is similar to that of *.ini files, for example:

    DiscardColorImage = true
    TextExportMode = PEM_ImageOnText
    ; this is a comment
    TextLanguage = English,Russian

    Use the LoadProfile method of the Engine object to load your profile file.

    Please see more information in Developer's Help > Guided Tour > Advanced Techniques > Working with Profiles.

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    Thanks for your fast response. I was hoping to avoid the way which you described in No 1 (but thanks for this answer, i maybe will try this nevertheless).

    How to write a profile file which you described in way No 2 i know this. But I don't know which parameters are set in TextExtracion_Accuracy so i was hoping that there is some kind of documentation or a way to find out which settings are set by the predefined profile so i can write my own profile with almoste these same setting, but without the orientation-detection.

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    Oksana Serdyuk

    You can find the specification of all predefined profiles here: Developer's Help > Specifications > Predefined Profiles Specification. The article contains all object properties which are set to a non-default value by each profile.


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