Order of multiple ExportFormat requests Answered

If I specify multiple formats - eg "txt,doc,pdf" the files seem to be returned in the same order requested ($ID is the txt file, $ID_1 is the doc, $ID_2 is the PDF).

Have I just been lucky, or is that guaranteed behaviour I can rely on?



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    Oksana Serdyuk

    Yes, you can rely on this.

    When the document is processed by Cloud OCR SDK, you will get the response from the service which contains the URLs of the results. The results will be represented in the export formats, which you have specified in the exportFormat parameter of the processing method. Namely, when you process a document with multiple export formats (for example, "rtf,pdfSearchable,xml") the response from the service will contain three URLs of the results for each of the export formats correspondingly:

    • resultUrl - for the first export format (RTF),
    • resultUrl2 - for the second specified format (PDF),
    • resiltUrl3 - for the third specified format (XML).

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