How to avoid OutOfMemory Exceptions when using FREngine in .NET?

We use FineReader Engine 10 in our application (C#) and we have some memory problems.

When processing documents (FRDocument.Process) to automatically rotate images or recognize text / barcodes we get an OutOfMemoryException after some time. We do not have these problems if we skip processing.

We had tried solution from this kb article "" but it doesn't work. We had also tried to execute the recognition in another process (OutprocLoader instead of InprocLoader) but the external process has also memory problems.

What can we do to avoid OutOfMemoryException when using FREngine (process-method of FRDocument)?



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    Oksana Serdyuk

    This issue should be investigated. Please provide the following information to your region Technical Support Team (

    1. The serial number of your FREngine package.
    2. The build number of your FREngine distribution. To determine the build number please see the Readme.htm file.
    3. The FREngine log, which can be obtained by calling the Engine.StartLogging() method in your application right after the Engine object was created.
    4. A code snippet where the FREngine methods are called.
    5. The sample image if the issue depends on the image you are processing.

    Thank you!

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