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Hello Everyone. My name is Josef. We are going to build windows application using Abby SDK that works on Offline mode. I am going to purchase Abby SDK, but not sure if we can use this on offline mode.

I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 , C++.

If there is any information, please drop any message for me. Best regards Josef.



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    Oksana Serdyuk

    ABBYY has a lot of different products including some offline SDK solutions:

    • ABBYY FineReader Engine – it is our offline main SDK which gives you flexible tools to integrate optical text recognition technologies into your applications;
    • ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine – it provides tools for extracting data from documents that have no fixed layout including invoices, contracts and letters;
    • ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine – it enables you to integrate OCR into mobile and small-footprint applications, it can be used in case if photos are taken via mobile device.

    Depending on your usage scenario you can try any of these products to understand whether it is appropriate for your task. You can contact your Region Sales Manager by email mentioned here. They will help you to make a right choice between our products and provide you with a trial license if you would like.

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