How to Configure ABBYY OCR SDK Framework in my Xcode Project?


Respected Team,

I have Tried to Use AbbyRtrSDK Framework in My Xcode Project, I have Failure to Use This Framework with your Given Abby OCR SDK Framework Configuration Guidelines.

Actually i can't import AbbyRtrSDK Framework's Protocol to use Required Method for OCR in My Xcode Project.

So Please help me out ASAP...

I hope my Favorable Reply...

Thanking You & Regards, Bhautik Parmar

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    Oksana Serdyuk

    Please find our samples together with the instructions how to build them on GitHub. Kindly check whether you do everything correctly.

    Also would you please check whether you copied the unzipped framework to the TextCapture folder? The XCode will not be able to see the framework until this is done.


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