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I have a special problem that may be easily solved .. I was wondering if it was possible to force Finereader or any other OCR to only read only highlighted portions of an electronics schematic .. perhaps a yellow highlighter marker?
.. normally electronic schematics are far too complex for OCR to read .. lines in all directions .. upside down letters .. tiny fonts but if it were programmed to ignore everything but a specific color and ignore the rest of the picture it would probably help a lot .. wondering if a feature like this is already around




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    Oksana Serdyuk


    Could you please specify what ABBYY product you are speaking about?

    Possibly your task could be solved using our SDK – ABBYY FineReader Engine. This product can detect a background color of a paragraph during page synthesis. You may find all such parts of the text which are highlighted with a color marker and then export only the highlighted text. However, our technology does not support detection of a background color for a single word, only for a whole paragraph.

    Regarding a trial version of ABBYY FineReader Engine please contact your local ABBYY office for details or request a trial version via our site by filling in this form.


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