Error 401 Unauthorized Answered

I'm using the sample codes downloaded from github for android and also registered my application.

The application name for my app is "Braille-X" and the password is received at my email.

The only things I change in the code are the restClient.applicationID and the restClient.password with my app's name and the password I received.

But still when I ran the app on my phone it come back with the error code 401, asking me to check my application id and password. I've already reset the password a few times but the error still persist.


Please help

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    Oksana Serdyuk

    Kindly check the following:

    1) Have you deleted the angle brackets in the code specifying your credentials?

    restClient.applicationId = "Braille-X";
    restClient.password = "…";

    2) Probably the issue occurs because of some wrong symbols were copied or typed with the password. The password should not contain any spaces that may be copied when you highlight part of the text with a new password. Also if you type the password, please double check such symbols that are alike in appearance, for example as ‘l’ (the lower-case l letter) and ‘1’ (the 1 number) and similar cases. The password consists only of 24 characters.

    3) In case the issue is still actual please try to reset the application password one more time.

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    Low Jia Xin

    omg that solves it!! Thank you so much!!


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