Internal program error:.\Src\FreeType\FTFontFactory.cpp, 286


I am trying to load pdf into FineReader visual component,

The file select dialog is opened. After I choose the file and press OK, this error occurs.

The image of the error is here, could you please help on it?


Best regards.




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    Oksana Serdyuk

    Hi İbrahim,

    I can't find this error message among the known issues in our reclamations database, so we need to reproduce it on our side to be able to fix it. Could you please send us some additional information to

    1) Could you please specify the serial number of your FineReader Engine package?
    2) Please specify the build number of your FineReader Engine distribution. To determine the build number please see the Readme.htm file.
    3) Does the error depend on image file or it can be reproduced on any image? Please send us your PDF file for which the error can be reproduced.
    4) Please specify whether the error can be reproduced on our standard VisualComponents code sample?
    5) In case the error is not reproduced on the standard sample, please send us a simplified application project with short instructions how the situation can be reproduced on our side.
    6) Please send us the FREngine log file generated by your application when the error occurs. To switch on logging please use the IEngine::StartLogging method.

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