Problem about two languages in one document

I have another question. There are two languages on the card. When I'm trying to recognize English on a card, the app will trying to recognize both languages. It makes the result hard to be stable and never stop recognize. How can I fix it.

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    Oksana Serdyuk

    This is expected behavior, because the product tries to recognize the text on one language using another language, it never achieves any stable result and never stops recognizing.

    Still better is to specify both languages as recognition languages (you can specify multiple languages for recognition), please see documentation for Android and iOS.

    Also you can try to lower the result stability status for all extracted text. The result stability status is an estimate of how stable the result is, and whether it is likely to be improved by adding new frames or not. Please find more information about the RTRResultStabilityStatus enumeration and its constants in the Help file (RtrSdkDevelopersGuide.pdf).



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