Where is the result of processBuisness Card stored ?

Where is the recognition result stored. ? I want it to use it further in my app. So where is it stored ? Or how to download it to my device ?


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    Diana Khammatova

    ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service is implemented using REST software architecture principles and can be accessed through API by HTTP or HTTPS requests. It works as following:

    1.   You upload your images and the paramaters of processing to our server. 

    2.   Your images are processed. You can get the status of your task using the getTaskStatus method. 

    3.   Once the status of your task is “Completed” you get a link to the output file. Using this link you can download the recognition results. For business card recognition three following export formats are available: vCard, csv and xml.

    You can find a set of code samples on the different programming languages at our Samples Page.

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