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I'm using FlexiCapture engine 11 and I try to make a full process working with streams(byte array) to:

- Read the image and add to the processor.

- Process the image.

- Export the result to a stream, not filesystem.


I read the API documentation but I didn't find an example or an advice to achieve this.

I créate an IReadStream to do this, but I have some problema that I didn't notice, because i have an "Unespecified error" but the file is already readed(the stream).

I attach the code.


I need help!

Thanks in advance



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    I was unable to download the attached file, the link does not seem to work. Could you please re-upload the code?

    As to your scenario, if you are using the FlexiCaptureProcessor object to process documents, you could export the result to memory with the IFlexiCaptureProcessor::ExportDocumentToMemory() method. Detailed description of the method is available in the Developer's Help file, article API Reference → Objects → FlexiCapture Processor → FlexiCaptureProcessor.

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