Get font family, style and size from text

Do we get font family , font styles ,font name and font size (like font properties) etc by using fine reader when we are converting any "tif" or "pdf" file into doc (word file)



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    Oksana Serdyuk

    It is possible to get font properties using ABBYY FineReader Engine 11. It can be done in different ways, it depends on your usage scenario.

    For  example, using FREngine you can export recognized data into the XML export format. This file includes the recognized text together with the character attributes such as its coordinates, the font name, etc. The detailed information about the XML export format you can find in the Developer's Help file: API Reference → Parameter Objects → Export Parameters → XMLExportParams.

    The same information you can get via the FREngine API using the corresponding properties (see the "Font attributes" group) of the CharParams object. Kindly find how to iterate the recognized layout and work with the character parameters in the standard FREngine sample – "RecognizedTextProcessing". Find more details about the mentioned above objects in the Developer's Help file: API Reference → Text-Related Objects → CharParams.

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