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I have one question related to handwritten signs and shapes. Abbyy finereader considers quite significant part as an image (and do not transcript the text) if there is for instance a line written by hand. However, it does not affect the image at all. In UiPath in google engine we did not have to face this problem. Is there a way how to turn this off and take the risk of wrongly read image?



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    Nikolay Krivchanskiy

    Hi Mario,


    In case you are recognizing handprinted characters, please keep in mind that ABBYY FineReader Engine doesn’t perform automatic search and analysis for handprinted blocks of text in the page. To perform handprinted text recognition, you should set up a block that contain such text manually. For more information on that, please refer to Help → Guided Tour → Advanced Techniques → Recognizing Handprinted Texts.


    In case you are recognizing other symbols and/or train ABBYY FineReader Engine to recognize specific forms, please send us examples of your images and description of your scenario to




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