still-Images test on the ABBYY.RTR.SDK.Anroid

Hello. I've used ABBYY.RTR.SDK.Anroid. (extended-version)

Because I wanted to evaluate your OCR-engine accuracy, I used IRecognitionCoreAPI.

This is my test code, but I got always return null. (textBlocks have null for all still-images) I don't know what I missed . Could you explain why it happened?

recognitionCoreAPI engine.createRecognitionCoreAPI();
recognitionCoreAPI.getTextRecognitionSettings().setRecognitionLanguage( Language.Japanese );
recognitionCoreAPI.getTextRecognitionSettings().setAreaOfInterest(new Rect(0, 0, bitmap.getWidth(), bitmap.getHeight()));
IRecognitionCoreAPI.TextBlock[] textBlocks = recognitionCoreAPI.recognizeText(bitmap, callback );



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