Block detection and launguage Answered

Can Abby ocr free sdk for Android detect all available different blocks or paragraphs in an image and if yes then does it also tell us that which block is totally inside the current frame or not?..Also how many languages does it supports...Thanks in advance..

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    Diana Khammatova


    ABBYY Real - Time Recognition SDK recognizes text in a predetermined region of interest. You can set the area on the frame where the text is to be found. Also it is possible to get the bounding rectangle of each recognized text line via Rect property of the TextLine class.


    RTR supports 63 recognition languages, full list of languages is available by the link.

    A list of things you can do free of charge you can find here.


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    Diana Khammatova

    In addition, we would like to say that in a video mode, we present the entire text as a set of lines and we do not select blocks. When working with a photo in CoreAPI, we extract blocks of text, but we may not determine that the block is cut off.


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