Need fast processing speed Answered


I am using cloud ocr sdk for text extraction , these are the input parameters i am passing for processImage method:


 "file" : open(image,"rb"),
"imageSource" : "photo",
"profile" : "textextraction",
"textType" : "ocrB",
"correctOrientation" : "false",
"exportFormat" : "xml",
"correctSkew" : "false",
"readBarcodes" : "false"


image size vary in between 1-5 mb and are taken from a digital phone camera. 

It is taking a time of 30 to 45 seconds for processing, i was hoping if you could help me out to reduce it to less that 10 seconds. I could send you sample documents over email if needed.

(If this can help - i am using the xml to only extract blocks of text) 

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