Difference between Abbyy 7 & Abbyy 12 OCR methodology

When Abbyy 7 was done processing pages it was done and one could create a pdf right away. Abbyy 12 tells the user that its done, but its really not done. On a 5000 page document for instance, it will say 5000 out 5000 pages recognized and then sit there a good 5 minutes or more(I'm not exaggerating) in a frozen state until an info window finally comes up titled "Adding the Image to the Document", saying

Process Completed

5000 of 5000 pages recognized

Then a log of any pages which may have had recognition problems or not

My question is why the change in methodology? It's very annoying to have a program frozen for that long with no indication of whether it's truly frozen for good or not. it really is a stress creator. Please someone give me a good reason why this version of Abbyy was designed to interface with the user in this manner? I have already tested it in 3 different computers so it's not the hardware. The application says it has the latest update. It just seems like it was designed to work this way on purpose. I have searched the forum and I can't believe I'm the first to point this problem out.

On a good note, I love the way the application can use all the core threads to process multiple pages simultaneously and the way it's visualized. The OCR output is still outstanding.




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    Oksana Serdyuk

    As I understand, the question is related to our desktop products (but this forum is for the SDK products), so I have forwarded your issue to my colleagues responsible for the FineReader support. They should contact you by email to discuss the issue.

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    Thank you so much Oksana for your prompt reply and for forwarding our message to the correct destination. I'm sorry for posting it here. We have been using FineReader since before version 6 I believe, & this is the first time we have ever posted anything about what we perceive to be a problem. So we are sort of a first timer at this so please forgive our ignorance.

    Have a great day.


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