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Hi, I am using the FlexiLayout from FlexiCapture and I would like to know if there is some Python code available either for the FlexiLayout or for something similar to the Auto-Learning Technology Demo (C#).

Thanks in advance.

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    I assume that you have FlexiCapture Engine installed since Auto-Learning Technology Demo (C#) is one of the demo tools included in the FlexiCapture Engine distribution kit.

    Although an official Python module that wraps FlexiCapture Engine does not exist, a FlexiCapture Engine code sample in Python for Windows is available. The code sample utilizes the comtypes package to load the Engine by means of COM, namely the InprocLoader object.

    You can download the code sample here: Please refer to the ReadMe file provided with the code sample for steps to set it up correctly.

    To get tips on how to use document definitions and/or flexible layouts created in FlexiCapture and modify the Python code sample accordingly, please refer to the following FlexiCapture Engine Developer's Help articles:

    • Guided Tour → Tutorial → Processing with a Customizable Processor Object → Step 3. Add Document Definition.
    • Guided Tour → Advanced Techniques → Creating Document Definitions.

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