Can license expiration crash my app?


I've been using ABBYY in my app for a few months now. I believe I might be under the 5000 installs limit but does the expiration of my license crash the app for new users? I recently sent in my app update for review to the app store and the crash logs they sent me pointed to the line where i'm loading the license file. It seems to be working perfectly in my phone but seems to be crashing for the app reviewers. 

I'm just thinking could this be one of the reasons, that's all. :)




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    Karthik Kannan

    Just adding to this question, I'm adding the lines of code that the crash logs indicate as the source of error. 

     let licensePath = (Bundle.main.bundlePath as NSString).appendingPathComponent("AbbyyRtrSdk.license") //WHERE THE CRASH IS SUPPOSEDLY HAPPENING.


         self.engine = RTREngine.sharedEngine(withLicense: NSData(contentsOfFile: licensePath)! as Data

         self.textCaptureService = self.engine?.createTextCaptureService(with: self




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    Diana Khammatova

    Do you know how many installations of your application have already been distributed via public internet stores? (As you correctly pointed out according to our License Agreement, the number of installations shall not exceed 5000.)

    Another possible reason for the license error is that the customer’s application did not have an Internet connection enabled more than 90 days from the date of first downloading.

    Also this issue may be caused by using ProGuard in case of Real-Time Recognition SDK for Android. Please find a  workaround in the thread.


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