Internal Server Error result in the Cloud OCR SDK Demo Answered

Hi All, Forgive me I just a newbie for the ABBYY SDK. I downloaded the Official Cloud OCR SDK Demo from, Build and run is ok . The "Process file" function works fine,

But I got and error says "Interal Server Error" when I set the Language = "ChinesePRC" for the "Field-level" recognition function . (PS: The Chinese characters can not be recognized for the default setting.)

Anything I missed can fixed this issue ? Or How can know what exactly the error is ? Thanks.

Please help review the screen shots. 






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    Oksana Serdyuk

    In fact, Chinese is supported for OCR, but ICR (handprinted text recognition) is not available for this language, that’s why your tasks fail. The full-page recognition mode and BCR are available for the Chinese language. Also you can recognize the Chinese printed texts using the field-level recognition mode:

    We see that you use textType=normal,handprinted in your recognition settings. Please leave only the normal value and the field will be extracted.

    The full list of available recognition languages can be found here.

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    Hi Oksana Serdyuk, I removed the handprinted type. The problem is gone. and It works fine. Thank you!


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