Issue in Detection of Image text

 I am using Cloud api(  for Recognise Text from image. i am getting Good response in many cases, But in one case i'm not able to get important text from image. Some time i get text but, some text is wrong.


In below image i have marked(Red square) important text, which i am not able to get.


Is there any way to detect these text?

It will be great help.




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    Oksana Serdyuk


    Unfortunately, this is a known issue: our current OCR technology does not recognize such narrow tall text as here properly. This is a systematic issue, and the extraction of such text should be improved in the next version of ABBYY OCRT. However we should not expect this fix very soon, because transferring to the new version of OCRT is planned, but not in the nearest future.

    Do you have possibility to resize the image vertically thereby artificially making the text not so narrow and tall? When I have resized your image in percentage terms 100 x 70 and processed it in Cloud OCR SDK using the following URL:

    the output is quite accurate:

    Kindly try this, hope these tips will be useful!

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