Using a Network License from a Server doesnt work

Hey Guys,

i have the following problem:

We have two Computers in a Network, where the ABBYY SDK 10 and Licence Manager is installed on both. We have one licence activated on one computer (server) and want to use this licence also from the other computer (Workstation). The Computer/Server where the licence is activated is accessable via Port 3000 and i also changed the LicensingSettings.XML on the Workstation into following:

<LicensingSettings xmlns="">
            <MainNetworkLicenseServer ServerAddress="<his computer name>" ProtocolType="TCP/IP" />

The Licensing Service is active and running on the server.

But when i start the Licence Manager on the Workstation Computer. it doesnt show me any licenses.

Why? What is or can be the problem? Have i forgotten something?

Sorry for my english.



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    Daria Zvereva


    Sorry for a long silence.

    Have you changed the LicensingSettings.xml file on the Server? If not, you should add the following:

            <ConnectionProtocol ProtocolType="TCP/IP" EndPointName="PORT_NUMBER"/>
            <EnableIKeyLicenses Enable="No" />
           <EnableCodeMeterLicenses Enable="No" /> 

    And then push “Refresh” button in License Manager.

    Make sure that the LicensingSettings.xml file on the Workstation is located in the “<Installation Folder>\Bin” folder.

    If you still cannot resolve this issue, please send us to the following:

    • Your license number
    • The AInfo report from Server and Workstation. Please find the instruction in the article
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