ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 distribution Answered

Hello everyone, 

we are using ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 in our application and are not sure how to install the Engine with our application.

In the developer help I found the following information:

   ABBYY FineReader Engine Distribution Kit

   ABBYY FineReader Engine library is implemented as a set of dynamic link libraries (DLL) and additional    modules. After you’ve installed the library with Developer License, its type library is registered in the system    registry.

   The description of the files of the library is given in the tables below. The list of files supplied in different ABBYY    FineReader Engine distribution kits may not be the same as in the list below and may vary depending on the    product’s version. These tables also specify what files should be distributed as a part of your application, and    what should not.


We have an engine setup that installs all files - even the files that shall be not installed (e.g. folder "Samples" and "LicensingSettings.xsd") - that we use for our developer workstations.

Is there a redistributable setup of ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 that we can use or are there some commandline parameter for the setup to avoid installing these files?

I did not found any information about this in the documentation.

I think we can't use our engine setup because it will install all files at the customers workstations, right?


Thank you.




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    Diana Khammatova

    Do we understand correctly that you have already developed your application and now you want to distribute it, i.e. you want to perform runtime installation? If this is the case, runtime installation can be performed in automatic mode by entering a command-line command with specific options or by carrying out file operations manually.

    The silent automatic installation of the FineReader Engine library can be performed from the command line. To do that, please, go to your FineReader Engine distribution package and run the setup.exe file with the necessary command line options. The full list of those can be found in Developer’s Help Distribution Installing the Library Installing the Library in Automatic Mode. If you want your application size was small and it contains only needed files, please list in the MODULES=<list of library modules> option only the library modules that are necessary for your application functioning and miss the others. 

    Also you can perform the installation manually and use the Distribution.csv file, which will help you create the list of the required files. You can find more information about the Distribution.csv file in the Developer’s Help file → DistributionDistribution KitAbout the FREngine11_Distribution.csv file. For more information about installation in manual mode please refer to Developer’s Help  → DistributionInstalling the LibraryInstalling the Library in Manual Mode.

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    Thank you for your answer.

    It's right, we have already developed our application and now want to perform a runtime installation.

    We will try the installation in automatic mode with the command line parameter.

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