FREngine 12 HTMLExport Options with base64 embedded in it

Hi we are trying below code in our project to export html document to improve the accuracy of html exported output.But the problem with below code is I get the seperate images for each signature or image along with html and my html has the reference to that image code.I want to know is there a possiblilty to get base64 embedded inside html instead of getting seperate images.That wil be helpful

  //for improving html accuracy parameters

 FREngine.HTMLExportParams htmlExportParams = engineLoader.Engine.CreateHTMLExportParams();

 htmlExportParams.HTMLFormatMode = FREngine.HTMLFormatModeEnum.HFM_Format40;

htmlExportParams.UseDocumentStructure = true;

htmlExportParams.KeepLines = true;

htmlExportParams.HTMLSynthesisMode = FREngine.HTMLSynthesisModeEnum.HSM_ExactCopy;

htmlExportParams.WritePictures = true;



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