RTR OCR RegEx Use for Specify Text Capture result

So I was using Abbys rtr sdk 1.0 libs for capture text from camera 

the text i want capture has a patern it was XX 1234 XX  the XX was 2 character then space then 4 char of number then space then 2 character again so how to use the regEx? because in the example regEx wae used for a single word without a space between them, and I also want to ask what method I should call for saving the last frame of pic abbys take.



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    Oksana Serdyuk

    The regular expressions in RTR SDK support syntax for whitespaces, so you can try to use such regular expression for your task, for example:  [A-Z]{2}\s[0-9]{4}\s[A-Z]{2}

    Kindly find all supported syntax in the Regular Expressions section of the documentation.

    Regarding your second question, you can save frames in the raw NV21 format, then fill the buffer with the saved data and use the saved buffers or buffers converted to BMP or PNG as you need.


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