Output to Excel with multiple sheets Answered


I'm using the OCR SDK to process multipage TIFF files. When I select xlsx as the output format, all of the pages end up on the same Excel sheet.

Is there any way to split the TIFF pages into separate sheets in the output xlsx file?

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    Antonina Nikolaeva


    Currently Cloud OCR SDK makes it possible to export recognition results into the same sheet of the output XLSX file only, including multipage files processing.

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    Gautam Samala


    In OCR SDK, we have XLExport Params Object. In that OnePagePerWorkSheet is an property with boolean. please make it false.So that you can have the output in multiple sheets.

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    Ondřej Andrew Marýzek

    Hi Gautam,

    thank you for your answer, but are you sure we are talking about the same product?

    My question is about the Cloud OCR SDK. All I have is an endpoint URL ( and all the configuration is done using URL query parameters, so I'm not really sure what you mean by "XLExportParams object"

    I tried looking into the API reference, but I was unable to find any reference to what you mentioned. Were you perhaps talking about the ABBYY FineReader engine?


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