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When I am trying to open  .tiff converted .pdf file in pdf.js  then the viewer can't able to open it.

Are u providing any API service to convert .tiff converted .pdf to the actual .pdf file?



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    Koen de Leijer


    I am heavily using PDF.JS with converted PDFs and not facing issues

    What is the error-message from PDF.JS and in what browser(+version) are you using PDF.JS.
    If Chrome/Firefox: press F12 when opening the PDF, check "console" and provide the error-message.
    What version of PDF.JS are you using, can you try the online-version:
    Are you able to open the PDF in an other PDF-viewer like Adobe Acrobat?

    Can you attach at least one sample TIFF and its converted PDF?
    Best regards
    Koen de Leijer


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