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i have really problems finding good code samples, sure the Testverison of the FineReader Engine 12 brings some code samples for the first impression but as beginner it's pain.


Where can i get a better sample base as this? (

or this (


The "Hello" is good understandable code sample but how do i modify it now that i can get specif information like Customernumber or OrderDate?


The point is i want it to be dynamic as possible, because i will have different PDF's from different customer and want to sort them with help of my customer database.



FREngine.FRDocument document = engineLoader.Engine.CreateFRDocument();

i saw i could get the Raw text but then i saw on my scanned document, that the word "Customernumber : " and the value itself does not comes directly after. (I think because on document it has to much space between the value and the word) 




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    Helen Osetrova



    Please take into account that the code samples for ABBYY FineReader Engine are shipped with the program distributive only. They can be found in the C:\ProgramData\ABBYY\SDK\12\FineReader Engine\Samples folder on your computer. Also you can try our compiled code samples in the C:\ProgramData\ABBYY\SDK\12\FineReader Engine\Samples\Demo Tools directory.

    You can view how to use field-level processing in FineReader Engine in the Developer's Help → Guided Tour → Basic Usage Scenarios Implementation → Field-Level Recognition article. 

    If you need to work with the documents that have no fixed layout, please take a look at ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine. It provides the tools for data capturing, identifying document types and automatic classification. All required data fields can be quickly located and extracted in an appropriate format. If you are interested in this product, please follow the link and press "REQUEST TRIAL" to get a demo version.


    Hope this information will be helpful!

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    Schnücker Leonard

    Ah thanks, i found Flexicaputure too some days ago, i requested a trial and geted the automatic answer that i will get it in the next days. So i waited more as 2 Days and tried to contact the support mutiple times. 

    Finally i got answer where just stands: We are sorry that we cant give you FlexiCaputure Engine because its only for advanced programmers, because it contains a liscense key rather then the FineReader Engine and does not provide a free support.

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