Howto create pdf from clipboard?

I can´t find a way, to create a pdf with the clipboard-content. I copy text and pictures from a website (larger than screen) and try to paste it into abbyy to create a pdf. I hope this feature is implemented within abby fine reader?





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    Helen Osetrova

    Hi Volker!


    If you are looking for a ready-to-use solution, please try ABBYY Screenshot Reader. It is included to the distribution pack of ABBYY FineReader and allows to create “snapshots” of images and text from opened documents, web pages, presentations and save them into a file. Please find more about its functionality on our site.


    If you are interested in the developer’s tools, ABBYY FineReader Engine could be a suitable solution for you. Please take into account that FineReader Engine is not able to make screenshots but it can work with the images from memory. You can use a third-party library for capturing the screen and then submit the images to FineReader Engine for processing. 


    Hope this information will be helpful!


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    Thanks for your comment Helen - not shure I understand completely, cause your answer doesn´t mention my question´s root of the matter, how to create pdf from clipboard. Hope you don´t mean, Abby Fine Reader´s input-interface here is poorly limited to screenshots?

    Thanks for the hint at ThirdPartyTools - I´m using i.e. screengrab to cpoy complete website-content, and not ony website-screenshot, to clipboard.

    Thanks for the hint at ABBYY Screenshot Reader - says what it does - no clipboard-content

    Thanks for the hint at Abby FineReader Engine - I´ve no experience whit that tool, but checking the tutorial video found create document / add image file doesn´t sound like there´s much choice of selecting data-source...?


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    Helen Osetrova



    ABBYY FineReader allows to create PDF files, but not directly from the clipboard content. You could capture and save the required content, for example, to the .docx file and then convert the obtained file to the PDF using FineReader. The other way is to go through the “File – New Task...” and add text and pictures manually. Please read more about working with PDF content in this article.


    Please also pay your attention to the fact that this forum is dedicated to the SDK products (developer tools). To get more information about working with ABBYY FineReader (desktop product) please contact



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