Business card address field mapping

We use Finereader Engine 12 (Linux) for recognition of business cards.
The result is exported as vCard (vcf).

Unfortunately, the result is still not satisfactory.

The main problem is that the individual information such as street, city or postcode
is not split up correctly. Sometimes, for example, the complete address is filled in "street" or
postcode is in "city" and city is not stored at all, etc.

The input image is good (sharp, well exposed and clearly visible).
Language is set to English and German for recognizing a German card.

How can the mapping be improved? Are there any additional steps necessary compared to the BCR example bundled with Finereader Engine?



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    Oksana Serdyuk


    Could you please send to images of your business cards, for which the described issue can be reproduced?

    Also kindly specify your serial number and the build number of your copy of the program.

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