Cloud OCR SDK (JavaScript) Not Working

Hello ,

I'm trying to test out JavaScript Code Sample.

But looks like HTTP call to service endpoint : is not responding.

From below code getServerResponse callback is never called.

Can you please let us know if there any issues with this API. It used to work earlier.


var req = null;

if (requestOptions.protocol == 'http:') {

req = http.request(requestOptions, getServerResponse);

} else {

req = https.request(requestOptions, getServerResponse);






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    Sri Gottu

    Can somebody help on this?

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    Oksana Serdyuk


    According to our logs, your application is operating successfully without any errors on our side. We see one successfully completed task on 26 August. Could you please specify if the issue is still actual? If so, first of all please check the correctness of your authentication credentials specified in your requests.For debugging you can use any HTTP debugger, for example Fiddler. It allows to see what requests are sent to the server and what are the responses. It can be downloaded for free from

    And if the issue persists, please send to the logs from Fiddler. For this please run Fiddler and let it capture traffic while you reproduce the problem, then press the Save button on the top toolbar to save a .saz-file and send it to us.

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