What SDK components for Network Runtime License Installation

We have embedded the OCR capability within our own product which resides on a users workstation. Multiple users / multiple workstations have our product installed which need OCR capability.
We have therefore opted for a Network runtime license (CPU) to allow our customers full flexibility on performing OCR searches etc.

However... the documentation is unclear in a network license scenario what needs to be installed on each workstation when the OCR operations will happen in the server machine in a networked license scenario.
My developer tells me that the full SDK installation needs to occur on every workstation (when using the automatic install, unless a manual installation is performed).
This just cannot be right. As I understand it only enough dll's need to be installed together with the license manager to allow communication with the server doing the processing in a network license based scenario. Surely the massive installation of all components only needs to occur on the one server machine... not all workstations communicating to it?





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    Helen Osetrova

    Hello Charlie,


    Distribution of applications using the ABBYY FineReader Engine library includes two steps:

    1. Installing the application and the ABBYY FineReader Engine library on the local disk of the workstation;
    2. Activating the ABBYY FineReader Engine Library with the Runtime License.


    The first step includes also installing all of necessary license modules: for example, Arabic module for working with the Arabic texts, ICR module for handprinted text recognition and so on. You can do it in automatic mode, but this step should be done for every workstation. The command line for your workstation installation can look like this:



    This command line will install the library into C:\MyFolder in silent mode, without a progress bar, and configure the workstation to receive licenses from the license server with the IP-address XXX.XXX.XXX.XX?

    Please find the full list of the supported modules and other details on automatic installation in the Developer's Help → Distribution  Installing the Library  Installing the ABBYY FineReader Engine Library in Automatic Mode.



    In contrast, the License Manager for license activation should be installed on the server side only. In order of doing this, kindly follow the instructions described in the Developer's Help → Distribution  Activating the Library  Installing the Licensing Service article:


    1. Copy the files for the Licensing Service and the License Manager utility on the computer which will be used as a license server. These files are located into the License Server\ folder on the installation DVD-ROM: copy all files from the License Server\Common\ABBYY\SDK\12\Licensing folder and the following files from the License Server\ABBYY SDK\12\License Server folder: Awl.dll, LicenseManager.exe, LicenseManager12.chm, Protection.dll, and ProtectionUI.dll.
    2. Create the %ProgramData%\ABBYY\SDK\12\Licenses folder. Everyone must have read and write permissions to this folder.
    3. In the LicensingSettings.xml file specify (see Help  Licensing  Working with the LicensingSettings.xml File):
      • The ProtocolType attribute of the ConnectionProtocol element of the LocalLicenseServer tag.
      • The ServerAddress and ProtocolType attributes of the MainNetworkLicenseServer tag.
    4. Copy the LicensingSettings.xml file with the specified settings into the Bin (Bin64) folder of the FineReader Engine library installation on all the workstations.
    5. Run LicensingService.exe with the "/install" parameter:
    LicensingService.exe /install


    After installing the License Manager, please activate ABBYY FineReader Engine on a network server to make possible managing and distribution licenses among workstations in a network. Also, please check the permissions mentioned in the Developer's Help → Distribution → Installing the ABBYY FineReader Engine Library section. 


    Hope this information will be helpful!


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    Thanks Helen... We are trying it...

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