Limit on the File size submitted to Cloud OCR SDK and Query about time required for processing


I have below queries -

1. What is the maximum file size that can be submitted for OCRing? i tried a file 37 MB and it failed with the below error - Error 413: request entity too large for URL

2. Is this limit only for testing and the if we purchase the product than it can be increased?


3. It takes long time to process files about 10 MB - i have a file that has 250 pages and is 10 MB in size when i try that file it takes around 15 mins to finish the OCR


4. We have very large files around 250 -400 MB PDF's that we need to OCR - can we use Cloud OCR SDK or there is any other alternate solution which is faster too?







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    Helen Osetrova



    Let us answer in order:


    1. The file size for OCR should be no more than 30 MB. (The maximum image size is 32512×32512 pixels) Please review the Input image formats article to know more about supported formats. 


    2. The limitation for file size is the same for the trial and paid versions.


    3. The processing time depends on various factors, such as image quality, resolution, and processing settings. Please see the Source Image Recommendations article and make sure that you are using the proper adjustments for recognition (for example, implementing barcode recognition can increase the processing time).

    The other aspect which impacts on the processing time is how long the document is waiting for its turn to processing. For example, if a large number of documents is processed, service assumes the overall time for the batch is more important than the response time for an individual page. Please know more about service scalability on the related page.


    4. For processing large files, please consider using FineReader Engine. It provides more tuning options than Cloud OCR SDK and allows to perform parallel processing for large documents. If you are interested in this product, please click on the "REQUEST TRIAL" button on the product page.


    Hope this information will be helpful!


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