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I'm trying to perform OCR on a part of a document, rather than performing on the whole document, but I don't know how to do that.

I'm using a python program and a code sample which I got from -

I have different kinds of scanned documents in PDF format, I would like to know is there a way so that  I can perform OCR on a part of a document, like the top right corner, or bottom left corner, or left center etc.




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    Helen Osetrova



    When processing a document, ABBYY FineReader Engine first analyzes its layout and detects certain areas on the document pages. These areas are called “blocks.” Blocks determine how and in what order the image areas should be recognized.

    In ABBYY FineReader Engine, the Layout object serves as a storage for blocks and recognized text. The basic document processing scenarios work with the layout within the FRDocument object, which represents the document being processed. To access the layout of a document page, you can use the IFRPage::Layout property.


    In order to recognize a part of a document page, you should explicitly specify a block to be recognized and add it to the page layout. Then it will be possible to perform recognition of the particular blocks with the help of RecognizeBlocks() method of the FRPage object. Please find more in the Developer's Help → Guided Tour → Advanced Techniques → Working with Layout and Blocks


    Please review the related topics which also could help you:


    Hope this information will be helpful!


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