License Error on first initialisation on iOS


We have just release an app using RTR Recognition SDK on iOS.

We have found that the first time you launch the app with a unique bundle ID and app name when the abbyclient is initialised it will throw the following error "License error. Usage is prohibited by license agreement."

If you then close this screen and the open the view a second time it initialises and works correctly.

This is a huge issue as a first time user will just think the app doesn't work correctly and uninstall. 

Do you have any idea what would cause this issue?


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    Diana Khammatova

    Do we understand correctly that you have already received a response by e-mail?

    The license needs to make a connection at least every 90 days to send statistical info back to ABBYY to ensure that the license is being used in accordance with our license agreement.

    Please download the free RTR SDK from the site and recompile your app with the new license file from there.


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