Error: HTTP failure: 450 when using processImage or ocrFile with abbyyR


I'm working with abbyyR package, willing to extract text from a series of pictures and saving it into xlsx files.

To do so, I wrote some code using the ocrFile and processImage functions but after updating the package both this functions return the error 'Error: HTTP failure: 450'. The problem occurs only with these two functions, since I can work with all other function that do not imply immediate file download from Abbyy (submitImage, processDocument, processTextField, etc..).

The error is not related to my app limits nor my code directory references, since all other function works, plus I'm working on a Mac, so it shouldn't have nothing to do with firewall issues.

I read that other users had the same problem, but the issue looks still unsolved.

Does anyone knows how to solve this problem?




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    Oksana Serdyuk


    The fact is that this abbyyR project is not provided by the ABBYY company and this is not the property of the company. One of our customer has published his own code sample in R programming language, which uses ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK as OCR technology. Unfortunately, we do not know any details of implementation of this project and we cannot guarantee its work or consult regarding its usage.

    Nevertheless, please try to debug your code using any of your favorite HTTP debugger. For Windows we can recommend to use the Fiddler debugger or you can use Charles or any its analogue for Mac. Such debuggers allow to see what requests do you send to the server and what are the responses.

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