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Hi ,

Currently I am working on new requirement for one of the customer.In this proposal I am preferring ABBYY SDK for their OCR process.

Our requirement is simply get the image from scanner and send to OCR process then save it in database.(platform is ASP.Net MVC)

For that I need some clarification about the product before going to customer.

1. Is it support on-premise OCR SDK for .Net development.

2. Yes , What is the pricing ?

3. Which we can prefer in content classification for our requirement






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    Helen Osetrova

    Hello Prakash!


    The ABBYY FineReader Engine application programming interface conforms to the COM standard and can be used in .NET or any other development tool supporting COM components. The C# code sample is included to the FineReader Engine distribution pack.


    Could you please describe your usage and classification scenario in more details? 


    For pricing details, please contact ABBYY Sales Department in your regional office.




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