Android sample only scan's once after i get license error


I recently download to do a proof of concept on android. The sample initially works and then it turns out to be show stopper. I'm connected to net and i have the scanning once after that i get license error and nothing works.

I downloaded the samples from and then it fails after 2nd attempt.

Also please help on Xamarin binding library of the sdk. Please let me know if it is available or do you have support for same.




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    Ping Pong

    Do you manage to build Xamarin binding library?

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    Diana Khammatova

    The most possible reason of the issue is that the application did not have an Internet connection enabled more than 90 days from the date of first downloading. If you download a new license from the site, it will be renewed so the application with this new license will reserve 90 days for offline work again.

    All users accept these terms when they signed our License Agreement: "ABBYY RTR SDK included into the Application shall establish internet connection at least every 90 days, so that ABBYY licensing server is able to collect statistical information on the ABBYY RTR SDK usage, thus verifying that License Agreement conditions are met. Otherwise the ABBYY RTR SDK functionality may be blocked by ABBYY. In case ABBYY RTR SDK functionality is blocked after the Application fails to establish an Internet connection, ABBYY may deblock the ABBYY RTR SDK functionality once an internet connection is established, provided that the License Agreement conditions are met".

    As for another question, in general, we don't provide support for the projects developed in Xamarin. However, it is technically possible to use RTR SDK in such projects. For example, on the Xamarin Developers portal there are several articles that can be used as a reference on how to link native libraries to the project:


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