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I'm working on a project (written in python) which requires conversion of image PDF files into TXT files (or simply text extraction). I was using Finereader SDK with python, and for this, I was using python code, that is available at

Now I want to use Flexicapture SDK for the same, but I can't find any python code to run it, all I found is a C# code. Please help, all I wanna do is to call Flexicapture SDK inside my python project so that it converts a pdf file into a text file.

Any help will be appreciated.


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    Although an official Python module that wraps FlexiCapture Engine 12 does not exist, a FlexiCapture Engine 12 code sample in Python for Windows is available. The code sample utilizes the comtypes package to load the Engine by means of COM, namely the InprocLoader object.

    You can download the code sample here: Please refer to the ReadMe file provided with the code sample for steps to set it up correctly.

    To get tips on how to set up export parameters in FlexiCapture Engine and modify the Python code sample accordingly, please refer to the following FlexiCapture Engine Developer's Help articles:

    • Guided Tour → Tutorial → Processing with a Customizable Processor Object → Step 6. Export Results.
    • Guided Tour → Advanced Techniques → Tuning Export Parameters.
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    I've downloaded the code sample using the link ( given above and followed all the instructions given in ReadMe file. But the code is not working as it supposed to be.

    In given code sample, the function LoadEngine() is called initially, which initializes the engine, but at the statement Engine = EngineLoader.GetEngine(), code exits unexpectedly.

    The engine Initializes and code exits skipping all the other process.

    Please help me to solve the issue that I'm facing.

    Attached is the output screen for the python code sample.


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    In order that we could properly assist you, please contact us at and provide the following additional information in the e-mail:

    • Serial number of the ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 12 license that you are using.
    • Build number of the version of ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 12 that you are using. It can be found in the top right corner of the Introduction page in the Developer's Help file or in the properties of the FCEngine.dll file in the \Bin or \Bin64 subfolder of the FCE installation folder.
    • Detailed description of steps necessary to reproduce the issue using the Python code sample (screenshots are appreciated).

    Thank you in advance!


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