How to detect both horizontal and vertical orientation in PDF using python Cloud OCR SDK?

I work with labels which have text oriented in various forms (especially right angles 0, 90, 180 and 270). Especially there are some places where there is horizontal (0 degree) text and vertical (90 or 270) degree text and sometimes maybe even (inverted 180) text all together in a giant label. How can I extract text in such case using ABBYY's python cloud ocr sdk. I am checking the trial to see if it can detect complex multiple orientations in the same PDF file. I do not see the option in the parser argument to set the correctorientation option to False (which was given as a solution online when was searching for this problem). How can I set correctorientation to false for Cloud OCR SDK in python? Is it part of the parser argument (I can't find it in the code nor does it work when I try that). Is there any other solution?

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