zonal ocr of my 10,000+ folders


Hi,   I have about 10,000+ folders of documents in my home office.  Each folder has about 5 pages of paper.   All the folders and the papers (letter size) inside the folders have been scanned to an individual pdf file.   The letter size pdf files have a 1" x 3.5" sticker label on the back that was also scanned into the pdf file.   I want to organize all my files/folders so I can search based on the 1" x 3.5" label.  The rest of the document doesn't require ocr.   Which Abbyy produce would best facilitate me in achieving my task of zonal ocr of the label so I can search for the correct pdf file based on the 1x3.5 inch label (tag)?   and would this be doable on a desktop pc (i7 7th generation intel cpu) or would a desktop pc take a long time.     Thanks and look forward to your response. Bruce


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    Nadezhda A. Solovyeva

    Hello Bruce,

    The most suitable option for your case is ABBYY FineReader Engine, but 50 000+ pages do not seem like a large enough volume for this to be profitable. Full-cycle application development is required for using FineReader Engine.

    Unfortunately, we don't have box products, which can implement your processing scenario. If you possess application developer skills, then we can recommend you FineReader Engine -


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