I can't use the classes in the AbbyyRtrSDK framework "URGENT"

Hello Abbyy team,

I have got a problem with my iOS project trying to use the AbbyyRtrSDK framework.

I followed the instructions on how to implement it here ""

but when I am trying to implement RTRTextCaptureServiceDelegate I get an error says "Use of undeclared type 'RTRRecognitionServiceDelegate'"

I followed the way you did in the TextCapture sample like this :

"extension ViewController: RTRRecognitionServiceDelegate {


but it keeps giving me the same error even when I tried to create RTREngine object it still gives me the same error

so I thought that it can not see the framework classes at all.....

and I already copied the framework to my project folder too...


please can you help me I am in hurry to do this project as a student I have to get it done soon

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