i can't find the file spanish.amt, english.amt

Abbyy 14 FR

the program shows a message: the file "spanish.amt" is missing. Is the same with "english.amt"

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    Did you manage to solve this problem? I'm having the same problem with FR15. When I attempt to convert a jpeg to any format, I get the error that the [langague].amt could not be found. Like this:

    File c:\file.jpeg, page 1. /c:\temp\fr15\abbyy finereader 15\English.amt could not be found.

    And as I follow that path I find that the file is indeed missing. I do have the .amd and .amm files, but I am missing the .amt files.

    This issue has not been resolved by properly reinstalling the program (also manually deleting the folders in %appdata%, program files (x86) and temp/fr15), restarting the computer, or googling.

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    Pietro Altermatt

    Is there anyone from Abbyy who can answer this? I have the same problem.




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