FineReader Engine 10 Barcode reading performance


I've implemented a barcode reader using Abbyys FineReader engine and its documentation, however the engine takes roughly 3 times as long as other implementations using other engines.

For one page with 4 barcodes in different orientations the FineReader engine takes about ~750ms, whereas other engines read the barcodes in ~250ms. For both engines the barcode orientation has been set to auto detect, the barcode types are not specified for either engines. As I see it, the engines have roughly the same information to work with, but have drastically different processing speeds.

The documentation for the FineReader suggested loading the BarcodeRecognition profile, which I did, and not much else. I've tried setting parameters to make sure FineReader does not do any unwanted work, like page analysis, auto page orientation detection, basically anything that does not explicitly have anything to do with barcode reading. Still, I cannot get the processing time below 750ms.

Besides letting the FineReader know in which orientation to expect what type of barcode, I cannot find any information on settings, that would lower the processing time. Am I missing something? Or is this just the performance I have to work with? I'd love to hear your experiences.

Thank you!




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