Finereader Engine and Farsi

Hi, I don't know what Finereader Engine is, but I'm looking for a good OCR for the Farsi language. I already own Finereader 12 Professional, and it works great as an OCR for English and many other languages. However, it doesn't have Farsi, and I noticed that this program called "Finereader Engine" does. Is Finereader Engine the same as Finereader? If I purchase Finereader Engine, can I use it on my laptop as a Farsi OCR in the exact same way that I use Finereader on my laptop as an OCR for other languages? If so, I'll purchase it. If not, I wonder why Farsi is only available on Finereader Engine and not Finereader. Is there a way to add Farsi to Finereader 12 Professional?



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    Eva Weber

    FineReader Engine is a software develompment kit for developers who wish to integrate ABBYY techologies into their applications. It is not a stand-alone application which can be used by individual users.


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