Mobile Web Capture Camera Issues

I recently started checking out the Mobile Web Capture SDK and am having some issues getting the camera to work.    I'm using the sample app that came with the SDK download and when I try it on my computer it gives me the error:   "Automatic image capture isn't supported. Your camera resolution is too low - which is the one defined by "camera_low_res"   So it doesn't let me take images from the webcam directly - though I am pretty sure my webcam is pretty high res.   When I try on iOS or android, I get a different error though. I get "No access to camera" (the "camera_error" error message) and it only lets me run the .capture function on images from my gallery.    The library seems to work well on images from my gallery - but I'd like to be able to have it load from the camera as well. It seems like a permissions issue for the mobile devices. Any ideas for this?

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